Division Functions 

  1. Receive, evaluate and process all recommendations for conferment of awards lower than Medalya ng Kadakilaan from the Directorates, Personal Staff and other offices/units;

  2. Receive, process and refer to NHQ SPADB all recommendations and appeals for special/meritorious promotions and conferment of awards higher than Medalya ng Kadakilaan from all PNP units;

  3. Act as Secretariat in the PNP Comprehensive Educational Assistance Committee, NHQ Special Promotion, Awards and Decorations Board, PNP Missing in Action (MIA) Board and SFA Committee; and CSBP

  4. Receive and process all applications for scholarship and educational assistance, special financial assistance from President’s Social Fund, long pay, service credits, PNP personnel bar passers, confinement/termination detail at PNPGH, residency training for medical officers and nurses., and membership termination with PSMBFI.