• Advise the Chief, PNP on matters pertaining to personnel and records management;
                           • Study and provide information pertaining to the personnel activities of the Command;
                           • Furnish estimate, advice and analysis to the Chief, PNP on personnel matters; 
                           • Translate decisions into directives concerning personnel information and movement or deployment 
                             of elements of the Command;
                           • Prepare personnel plans and projections;
                           • Recommend changes in plans, policies and order to ensure the efficient procurement and 
                             employment of the human resources of the Command;
                           • Administer and manage pertinent records of uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of the
                           • Prepare the budget for PNP and act as Program Director for Personnel Services (01) Funds of the
                             PNP; and
                           • Perform other functions as the Chief, PNP may direct.